4 Ways To Implement Iron Fencing On A Tiny House

The tiny house lifestyle is filled with small spaces and ways to maximize those areas for the most comfortable living. A typical tiny house features 100 to 400 square feet of living space. By using traditional iron fencing designs, you can add in features that will compliment the home, create a unique style, and give you some great living options. Browse through the following four ways you can implement iron fencing in your tiny house.

How to Build a Simple Wood Pallet Fence

Having a wood or vinyl fence installed can be pretty costly. If all you need is a basic fence—and you don't care how fancy it looks—you can build your own fence out of recycled wood pallets. These pallets can often be obtained cheaply or for free from local stores or warehouses. The only other supplies you need to build the fence are plenty of deck screws, a drill, and a helper.

Aluminum Vs. Wrought Iron: Which Fencing Choice Is Right For You?

Do you love the stately, sophisticated look of black metal fencing? While most people assume fencing of this type is all made from wrought iron, that's not the case. Wrought iron is the traditional material used to make black metal fences, but these days, many of the black fences you see are actually made from aluminum that has been coated in a special powder-coat finish that gives it the look of iron.

What Every Homeowner Should Know about Installing an Aluminum Fence

If you've been thinking about putting fencing in your back yard, aluminum fencing may be just what you need. After all, an aluminum fence can be as decorative as it is secure, giving you the barrier that you want without sacrificing the appearance of your yard. Here are a few tips to help you tackle the purchase and installation of your new aluminum fence. Know What You Need Before you buy the fence material, you'll need to know exactly how much of each piece you need.

Chain Link Fences Don't Have To Be Ugly: Here Are Some Decoration Ideas

Installing a chain link fence is a simple and effective way to protect your family and pets, but it isn't the prettiest. Rather than giving in to the idea that your yard will never be the prettiest one on the block, use this as an opportunity to do some creative decorating. This can take a boring chain link fence and make it into something special. Weaving Climbing Plants Inside the Links