3 Ways To Make A Butterfly Garden With New Fencing

Introducing plants to your yard to create a butterfly garden can make it a beautiful space to enjoy time outdoors. If you're interested in installing new fencing and want to incorporate it with a beautiful butterfly garden, it's essential to make the right gardening choices. 

Before committing to any particular fencing to install, consider the following tips to make it cohesive with your goal to attract more butterflies. 

Stick with Wood Fencing 

Whether it's your time installing fencing or you're replacing worn-down fencing you already have, it's best to make durability a priority. Once you consider adding climbing vines, shrubs, and flowers, the challenge to maintain the fence becomes even higher. Rather than choosing a type of fence material that won't last as long, look into the longevity of wood fencing.

With routine care every few years, you can expect wood fencing to last between 10 and 15 years. Since you'll want to include plants to make homes for butterflies, fencing with minimal maintenance and a longer lifespan can make your yard a reliable garden to visit. 

Another benefit of wood fencing is that its slats can provide plenty of grip for climbing vines and flowering shrubs.

Include the Right Plants

When your goal is to attract butterflies, you'll want to find plants that do well with your fencing. Consider the difference that vines can make rather than standalone shrubs and flowerbeds typically used for butterfly gardens. Not only will vines climb onto the fence and improve the appearance of your yard, but the flowers and colorful foliage can also attract plenty of butterflies. 

Some popular options for native vines to attract butterflies include Crossvine, Coral Honeysuckle, and Virginia creeper. 

Consider Direct Sunlight

Before deciding on what fence to purchase, consider the challenges that some solid fences pose. Since you'll want the plants to get plenty of sunlight and avoid issues from the yard being too dark, look for fencing that is installed with gaps between the slats. Planting a butterfly garden in a spot in the yard that receives a lot of direct sunlight can also be an easy way to help your plants thrive. 

Before you choose any new fencing for your yard, you'll need to see what will do best with the foliage you want. When your goal is to attract butterflies and make your yard a lively place, you'll need to be selective over your choice of fencing. You'll be pleased with your extra planning when you can relax and enjoy plenty of visiting butterflies in your yard after the installation. Reach out to a fence contractor near you to learn more.