Why You Should Keep Your Garden Protected With A Chain Link Fence

If you are looking for a sturdy fence that will protect your garden from damage caused by animals, a chain link fence is up to the task. Sturdy and long-lasting, a chain link fence will provide you with years of service. It is also a good choice if you have a lot of climbing plants that need a place to grow. 

Chain link fencing will keep predators out

If you live in an area with a lot of larger wildlife, such as deer, bears, coyotes, or elk, you need a substantial garden fence to keep these larger animals from strolling through your garden and eating or trampling the plants. Many garden fences are made more for aesthetic purposes rather than protection, but chain link fencing provides a strong and durable barrier to keep animal and human predators out. 

Chain link fencing lasts

With a chain link fence protecting your garden, you do not have to worry about replacing it any time soon. Made to last for years, a chain link garden fence requires little to no maintenance and does not need to be repainted every couple of years to keep it looking nice. You also do not have to worry about chain link fencing cracking or breaking due to exposure to harsh weather elements.

Chain link fencing provides support for plants

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and certain squash like to grow over a trellis or up a stake. A chain link fence provides plenty of space for these vegetables to spread out and grow. This makes harvesting these vegetables less backbreaking since you will not have to bend over to pick them.

Chain link fencing does not have to be boring

Chain link fencing often gets a bad rap for being boring or too industrial looking for home use, but that is a misconception. You have plenty of options for dressing up a chain link fence with plants, trees, shrubbery, or flowers. For instance, you could plant a row of fruit trees around your fence or dress it up with a flower border for a beautiful and colorful presentation.

Chain link fences are often an overlooked choice for gardens, as they may be seen as less attractive than other types of fences. However, chain link fences are neat in appearance, and they do not require painting and maintenance like a wood fence. Chain link fencing is also durable and not as susceptible to breakage as vinyl fencing.

For more information on chain link fencing installation, contact a company near you.