What You Need To Know If You Want To Add A High Fence

High fences are excellent for keeping animals in or out of your property, especially if the animal is a jumper, like a deer. High fences also signal more than just boundaries, however, and if you want to have your property surrounded by a high fence, you need to be prepared for what may follow. No worries; it's nothing bad. You may just encounter a few surprises that you can easily prepare for if you know about them ahead of time.

You May Trap Animals Inside

If you're putting up a high fence on property that is relatively vast, you may end up trapping animals inside. That could be one of your goals, of course; if you are trying to breed cattle, for example, you want those animals contained within a safe space. But if you are trying to keep deer out, for example, you may end up trapping a few inside simply because they can hide while the work is happening. As the fence goes up, you may want to leave an opening that gradually grows smaller over a few days as more fence is added (as opposed to having all of the fencing go up at once) so you can sweep the land and let animals escape before the last fence panels are added.

You May Attract Hunters

A common use of high fencing is to create a corral for deer that will be hunted. There is controversy over this, and it's not the point here to talk about whether or not you should do this. But be aware that if you install high fencing that is normally used for these contained hunting grounds, you may get inquiries from hunters about whether you're allowing hunting on your land. (If hunting was your reason for installing the fencing, then you're set.) For those of you who aren't planning on allowing hunting, be patient. Word should spread that your land isn't available for hunting.

You May Need Additional Interior Fences

High fences will keep animals inside or outside of your property. If you're keeping some inside, how many species are you keeping, and should they be separated? For example, if you're going to have contained hunting grounds, plus a deer-breeding farm, plus cattle, you'll need all of those separated so your cattle and breeding deer don't end up as game.

So take stock of what you want for your land, and what kind of animals you need to keep out or in. High fencing from a company like Straight Shooter Game Fencing is effective, and if you know early on what to expect and what you'll need, installation should go relatively well.