Going To Help Design A Shopping Mall? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Commercial Glass Railings

If you are going to help design a shopping mall, one thing to consider is the railings. There are many types for you to choose from. One of these types is glass railings. There are many benefits of this type, three of which are listed below.

Able to Customize

You do not have to choose traditional glass when it comes to glass railings if you do not want to. This is because you can choose to tint the glass, such as with black, brown, tan, bronze, grey, and more. When choosing a tint, consider the type of view you want people to see out of the glass. For example, for a shopping mall, you should consider something more subdued, such as tan or grey, so the shoppers can see well through the glass.

To further customize the glass, you can choose an engraving for the glass. This engraving could be the name of the mall, a unique design, or other type of saying. You could put an engraving design along the length of the railing or only put the engraving in one area. You can completely customize this on your own.

Strong and Durable

Even though these railings are made of glass, you should know that glass railings are durable. This means the glass will not break easily so you do not have to worry about shoppers breaking the glass. For example, shoppers may hit the glass accidentally, such as with a stroller or something heavy they are carrying.

The glass used is known as tempered glass which is made to hold up well to shock and pressure. Also, if this type of glass does break, it breaks into tiny pieces instead of large shards. This will help lessen the type of injuries shoppers may get if they are close to the glass when it breaks.

Easy Maintenance

Glass railings are easy to maintain. This is because glass does not rust or corrode over time. The main maintenance is cleaning the glass. This is not difficult because glass will not absorb any type of stains.

Have the maintenance department of the mall keep an eye on the glass. This way they can wipe dirt, marks, or anything else they see on the glass. This will give shoppers a good impression of the mall.

The staff can use glass cleaner and a sponge or other type of rag to clean the glass. There are industrial glass cleaners available that will work well for this purpose.

Talk with the company that installs commercial glass railings to learn much more about them.