Get A Bright And Colorful Fence

 If you like the idea of having a fence around your yard that's decorated with a lot of bright colors, then this article is the right one for you to be reading. Here are some ways to add all the color you want to your fence:

Install colorful slats - You can get different colored and brightly colored slats through the links, alternating the colors either in a uniform fashion or randomly. If you aren't able to find slats in the bright colors that you want to use to decorate your fence, then you can paint them. This way, you get the exact colors and shades you will be happy with. Keep in mind, if you paint them, you want to put a few coats of seal coat on after to help protect them from weather damage.

Hang hand painted seashells from the fence - Hanging hand painted sea shells from the fence can be a great way to have a lot of fun and give your fence the look you want, especially if you live in a beach community. You can paint each of the seashells any colors you want and even draw designs on them. Since you are doing a seashell theme, it may be a cute idea to paint little beach scenes on them, such as the ocean, a sunset, seagulls, etc.

Put two small holes in each shell by using the tip of a sharp knife and slowly carving the holes out. Don't put the holes too close to the edges or the shell can break. String the shells together with fishing wire to create long strands and hang them from the fence.

Hang colorful decorations from the fence - You can also use just about anything that can be painted and attached to decorate the fence. This includes wooden signs you hand-painted, birdhouses or anything else of your choosing.

If you have children then you can turn this into a family project. They can help by picking out what gets decorated and helping you to paint those things. They will be able to take great pride in the family's creation once all the items have been attached on the fence for everyone to see.

The heavier the objects you are hanging, the stronger the fishing line or wire that you will want to use so you can count on the items staying attached to the fence. Contact a fence company, like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay, for more fencing ideas.