Cheap Decorating Tips: Using Salvaged Vinyl Fencing Inside

Your neighbor is replacing an older vinyl fence with a newer design.  Being the creative and thrifty individual that you are, ideas about how to make use of those still-good sections begins to flood your mind.  In fact, there are plenty of ways to use the older fence panels inside your home.  Here are some of the ideas that come to mind.

A Dressing Screen in the Master Bedroom

You've always wanted a dressing screen in one corner of the bedroom, but the expense is more than the household budget can absorb.  Now is your chance to make a screen using those vinyl partitions.  

All you need is one or two sections and a vinyl post or two.  Use your jigsaw to trim off the snaps that hold the sections together and secure them on opposite sides of a vinyl post using small hinges.  Repeat the process to attach a third panel and you have a screen that will stand up with ease.

If the vinyl has a picket fence design, the screen offers instant privacy.  If it is an open pattern, cut fabric to fit each panel and secure on the inside of the screen using carpet tacks.  Pick up one of the secondary colors used in the room and the screen will blend in easily.

An Alternative to Chair Railing

You like the idea of adding some texture and visual appeal to the dining room walls, but a chair railing is not to your taste.  With free sections of vinyl fencing at your disposal, why not use shorter fence sections to add interest to the bottom half of the wall?  Cut the picket fence sections to fit the length of each wall, and use the vinyl railing along the top of each section.  

To secure the sections, a nail gun will do the job easily.  Remember to secure the fencing every couple of feet so that it remains flush with the wall.  

Your Own Cheap Room Divider

Remember the process that you used to create the dressing screen for the bedroom?  The same process can work just fine for making a room divider.  If your home has a combined living and dining room space, being able to close off the dining area is great for romantic dinners or just to add some style to the space.

Depending on the height of the fence panels, you can secure them to the opposing walls so the dual divider retracts when you want open space and expands when you want to close off the area.  Remember to use posts along the wall and at the end of each accordion style divider.  That will give the dividers a finished look.

Corner Picture Display

You have some framed artwork or pictures that you would like to display, but the idea of making more holes in the wall isn't all that appealing.  Consider using a post to connect two shorter sections of the fencing so they will stand in a corner.  Use S hooks to hang the artwork on the lattice design of the fencing.  Finish out the corner with a comfortable chair, an end table, and a lamp.  You'll have a great reading place that has its own dash of style.

A New Headboard

Your metal bed frame works great for the smaller bedroom, but it would be nice to have a headboard.  Since traditional models take up valuable inches of linear space in the smaller room, consider creating a faux headboard using a vinyl fence panel.  Whatever the fence design, the panel will attach easily to the frame using screws.  You can also cut the vinyl so the bottom fits flush with the top of the mattress and mount the piece on the wall.  When the bed is dressed, no one will know that the headboard does not go all the way to the floor.

There's no need to allow that older vinyl fencing to be hauled off to the junkyard.  Get creative and bring some of those sections inside.   You'll add a new touch to the decorating scheme and invest little to nothing in the bargain.