4 Ways To Implement Iron Fencing On A Tiny House

The tiny house lifestyle is filled with small spaces and ways to maximize those areas for the most comfortable living. A typical tiny house features 100 to 400 square feet of living space. By using traditional iron fencing designs, you can add in features that will compliment the home, create a unique style, and give you some great living options. Browse through the following four ways you can implement iron fencing in your tiny house. Depending on your exact house design, you can choose one or more of these designs to have professionally installed by a contractor.

Front Deck Fencing

A lot of tiny houses have a small platform that expands out from the main entrance of the tiny house. These areas are often just large enough to fit a couple of chairs or outdoor decorations. Make the space feel more like a real deck by adding fencing around the edges. This will help enclose the deck and gives you more options for deck use. For example, once the fencing is installed, you can place an outdoor grill on the deck. The grill can press against the iron fencing so you do not have to worry about it tipping or falling off the edge.

A matching iron gate can be installed with the fence to keep the whole deck closed off. This is great for small animals like dachshunds. The dogs can get some fresh air out on the deck without you having to worry about them running off from the home.

Loft Barriers

A common feature found in many tiny homes are loft beds. These beds help open up space in the bottom of a tiny house and typically positioned high off the ground. Instead of the leaving the entryway wide open, you can add a loft barrier to prevent accident falls. An iron bar loft barrier offers durable protection for both people and animals. It can hold up with all types of weight and adds a stylish interior to your tiny house. You can choose from different bar designs, but it's important to have bars that are placed close together so a person or animal cannot slip through them.

Step Railings

A lot of tiny homes are raised higher so they can be towed and parked by a trailer. To reach the tiny house door, stairs are often installed. Add extra help and safety for those stairs with the installation of iron fence railings. The railings can extend upwards on the steps and provide a nice design for the exterior of your tiny home. When railings are installed to your tiny home, they can be fastened to the steps and door for extra durability. This allows you to pull up on the railing with stability. These railings are especially helpful for elderly residents that own or visit tiny homes.

Iron Garden Trellises

The exterior of a tiny house is often limited for extras like gardens and outdoor decorations. Add an instant garden to your tiny house by installing iron garden trellises directly to the side of the tiny home. An iron trellis is a flat design that is made for vine plants to climb up and wrap around. Along with the detailed iron decorations, colorful flowers and vines can add a nice design element to the tiny house. The base of the trellis can include roots into the ground or be attached to a garden box if you move the tiny house a lot.

Once the iron trellis is installed, you can choose from a number of different vine plants to grow there. This includes plant options like various types of roses or the Blue Moon Wisteria. Complete a little research before choosing the vine varieties that you want to grow on your tiny home.

By working with a contractor, you can plan some of these designs and even help add some potential value to your tiny home.